Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 8 - THE CHOP!!!!!!

Well its day 8 and today is the day to cut it all up! Most people when chopping only take about 2 1/2 inches out of the tops. In case you havent realized already, I am not most people. I already channeled it 5 inches and it will get chopped another 5 inches!! Lowering the overall heidth of the car 10" will be a huge difference between looking like a buggie and looking totally cool. I need to get the pics up so you can see the progress. I took alot of pics so if there is someone out there who might want them for info on their car please feel free to email me. Also I would like to thank Ralph from the H.A.M.B. site who was nice enough to send me a traced out drawing of his 28 chevy coupe floorboards. You saved me alot of time and I appreciate it a ton!!

Day 7 - More tubing

Well I got more tubing welded in the car today. That covers most of the structure. I channeled the body the width of the frame so it is about 5 inches lower. The tubing for the front floorboards is basically done. Now its strong enough to chop the top !!!!!

Day 6 - Babies got new shoes!!!

I asked my son Joey if the car looked like a hotrod yet and he said "No dad, no wheels, not a hotrod, there's no wheels!" so I told him I would have wheels on it the next time he seen it. So I got some tires mounted on 2 of the ET wheels and mounted some on 2 other wheels I had. I didnt have 2 more tires for the other ET's. I picked up a rearend and proceeded to stuff it under the car. I slapped some brake rotors on the front and slapped on the new shoes. I asked Joey if it looked like a hotrod now and he said "No motor dad, it cant be a hotrod without a motor." So I guess it still isnt a hotrod yet. By the way, Heather said she really likes the car. She is already planning on driving it around and taking it to work. She also told me there is no way we are selling it. It's so nice having someone around who supports you and the things you do. I have heard before that behind every great hotrod there is a great woman, I am starting to understand why that is. Hopefully there will be some pics soon!!!

Day 5 - The bodies skeleton

Well I spent all day bending and welding square tubing into the body Not much fun but the top sure is strong. The steel tubing should make alot better bones to hold everything up than the wood. Lets see if we cant make this car stick around for another 80 years, or at least till gas runs out in the world.

Day 4 - The heart and feet come home

The fourth day I didnt get too much work done on the car itself. I looked on craigslist and found some great deals on parts. I found a running low mileage motor and transmission out of a wrecked firetruck for $250!!! What a steal! If you dont think thats a good deal then how about some original ET wheels from back in the day. I got a full set of four with center caps for $60!! I think the planets aligned this day because that just saved a ton of money!. Oh by the way in case you are wondering the total cost so far is $250 for motor, $60 for wheels, $35 for gas and oil (my truck is so worn out its basically a 2 stroke) , and $100 for square tubing. Total so far is $445. I cant wait to get back to work on it.

Day 3 - Welding it up

On the third day there was a very bright light that came from atop a big hill. The Lord was asked if that was to be the sun and he replied "No, my son, That is welding from what is to be the coolest hotrod the world will ever see." Ok maybe that's not what really happened. On the third day there was alot of welding though. I started tacking the body panels together to get an idea where everything goes. Then I can start welding a inner structure made out of square tubing to hold everything together. Heather is thinking that it really looks like a car now, and she is starting to like it.

Trouble with pics-HELP?!?!

I wanted to post some more pics for everyone but I cant seem to get it to work. Any Ideas????